About Us

The Infant Feeding Association of South Africa (IFA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 to facilitate engagement with various stakeholders, including government, NGO’s and industry on infant and young child nutrition within South Africa.

For more than a century, the infant food industry has been providing nutrition for babies and young children, promoting healthy growth and development.

The IFA membership consists of companies that manufacture and/ or distribute a large range of products such as infant formula, follow-on formula, complementary foods, baby food and juices, accessories such as bottles, teats and cups, as well as food for special medical purposes designed for infants. In addition to manufacturers, there is also representation from other key stakeholders such as retailers and healthcare professionals.

The IFA members participate in a voluntary forum to ensure that high quality products are available for infants and young children, whether that be an infant formula for a baby that is no longer breast fed, a bottle in which to put that formula or a complementary food to support the young child during the weaning period.

Member Companies and Organisations

Member Companies include:

  • Abbott Laboratories Pty Ltd
  • Advacare
  • Aspen Nutritionals
  • Artemis Brands
  • Association of Dietitians South Africa
  • Baby Talk
  • Dischem
  • Grobaby
  • Nestle
  • Nutricia
  • Shoprite Checkers

Member Organisations include:

  • Baby Talk
  • Association of Dietitians in South Africa

The Infant Feeding Association’s Role

The IFA provides a platform where the concerns of the infant and young child food industry can be voiced and lateral debate can be pursued with key stakeholders such as the Department of Health and Healthcare professionals amongst others with the ultimate goal of aligning the interests of all.


  1. The IFA is committed to assist government, wherever possible, in its quest to support the health of infants and young children through the provision of education and science-based information to the healthcare professional.
  2. The IFA is committed to ensuring compliance of its members to the South African Regulatory Framework and the Rules for Responsible Conduct. The IFA encourages other industry players to embrace the implementation of the Regulatory Framework and the Rules.
  3. The IFA is committed to making best use of the expertise of the infant nutrition industry and cooperating with government and other relevant stakeholders to develop laws and regulations based on science, as well as rigorous food quality and safety standards that contribute to the nutritional well-being of babies and young children